day: [9] of 365

This is Pixi playing with some swingy cat toy. She kept batting at it, I finally got a decent shot of her. I really wanted to get a picture of her jumping, but she was way too fast.

This is the beginning of spring break for my son. He’s got his best friend over tonight.

The little guys went down pretty easy tonight, Remy only got up for a drink once, “I forgot” once, and “I’m hungry” three times. All in all, that’s pretty good.

I hope to get a lot accomplished this weekend. Have the joy of meal planning and grocery shopping for the next two weeks to do this weekend. Plus a mountain of laundry that I do believe weighs more than I do. Dirty floors, bathrooms, and dishes are all battling for my attention too ~ oh how do I contain myself?!! haha! …I’ll probably end up ignoring as much as possible and just hang out with the boys!


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