day: [14] of 365

Went to the St Paddy’s Day parade today. Remy got this HUGE cotton candy.  Green of course. (ew) Quinton wasn’t interested in it. -A couple bites and he was done. Remy couldn’t even finish it! I forgot that Deaken was my cotton candy fan. He didn’t go hang out and watch the parade with us. He was in it. Deaken rode up high, with a canoe club. He actually sat in a canoe that was super high in the air. He looked a little nauseous when I saw him. He must have recovered well because he downed a huge chicken sandwich right after the parade!

Well, today ends my two days in a row in the middle of the week off work stretch. booo. I love this staying at home during the day thing, I got so much accomplished. The boys were pretty well behaved, as a whole. Quinton is missing his day care though. I think Remy would be just fine staying at home with me all the time. I would too, man.

…til then, tomorrow returns: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its off to work I go……..

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