day: [16] of 365

welcome spring.


So, on the upside we went to a one year old bday party today. It was at the rec center. I totally forgot about what a rec center has to offer a family. A cooped up, ready to play outside, cabin fever, kids are goin’ crazy kinda family. I told my husband that we’ll have to bring the boys back sometime soon! We played air hockey and pool and there was a foos ball table too. Not to mention the basketball court, workout room, and racket ball court indoors. –My family may not use those other offerings, but there they are. Ready to burn up some energy! And better than that, its all free. Dang, why has the whole winter gone by and the only place I could think of to take them was the McDonalds Playland?! Oh well, they had a blast today and this is much closer to home than mickey d’s.


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