day: [17] of 365

self portrait

After the previously mentioned birthday party I came home, energized, ready to clean all kinds a house! Then I fed the boys, got some laundry goin’, got the little guys down for a nap, and ZAP! All that stamina or motivation or whatever was just kinda gone! Oh well, so I made some green tea. I watched the snow fall. And I discovered Guitar Hero. Oh man, I kicked some @ss on My Name is Jonas! What a good song too. Deaken wanted me to play and I was all, Oh I don’t like video games … waa waa waaaaah. I played one song and I didn’t get what I was supposed to be doing. But then I got another chance and played Weezer. It was over, after that I hit up some AFI (Miss Murder) and some other song that was a little more hard core than I can handle — Slipknot? no… started with a D… anyway, I played that pretty good and then it was Cult of Personality, by whoever plays that. Next thing you know, I was getting signed to a contract! HA!

Good times, thanks Deaken! mmm-wah!

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