day: [21] of 365

Needed some comfort food for lunch over the weekend. This rich, cheesy potato soup was exactly the right thing to make! I’ll post the recipe for it soon. Its super easy and everyone eats it up. -Everyone besides Quinton, but he doesn’t like very many of our meals lately. He must get too many snacks… He’ll get past it, they all do. And it meant more for my lunch the next day!

Remy has been full of hilarious things to say lately. We’ve been a little annoyed with our cats — someone is forgetting to use the litter box! We can’t tell which one it is (stripy cat or fluffy cat???). So Tony and I were talking amongst ourselves and joking about getting rid of one of them. Well, Remy pipes right in and says we should get rid of Pixi (stripy cat). We asked, Why her? To which he replied: Aspen (fluffy cat) is much softer! …what a good thing to justify it on! Needless to say, we won’t be getting rid of either of them of course but it was cute to see how he makes up his decisions. Especially considering that Aspen is the recluse and Pixi will allow Remy to tote her around. Remind me to stay on his good side!


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