day: [22] of 365

I got one! I got a good picture of the moon! Hopefully this won’t be the last one. Night photography is a whole new ballgame…

(click on the image to blow it up, this one’s worth it!)

I almost gave up and went to bed without taking any pictures tonight. I was taking the dogs out and looked straight up to see this bright half moon, begging for its portrait shot. How could I pass it up?!

So tonight on the homefront, we began waging a war. The bad thing about spring and all the rain that goes with it, are the bugs. Ants in particular. So we sprayed all over the place. Inside and out.

Quinton is really nervous about ants. He thinks they’re spiders. One time he was sitting on the bottom of the staircase with almost his whole hand in his mouth, gagging and in tears. He kept saying spiders spiders. But he’s only two and very hard to understand. So we didn’t really get it yet. Eventually he got over it. We figured he swallowed a tiny lego or a piece of sucker that was a little too big and was hurting his throat. Whatever it was he sort of worked past it. Well, about twenty or so minutes later he started gagging again. This time we could tell he was saying spiders spiders! He led us into the toy room (all the while he’s clinging to this sucker stick — sucker all gone). He got to wear there was another sucker stick, and it was covered in ANTS! ewwwwwwww! He saw them and shouted: spiders SPIDERS!!! and started backing away like he’d seen a ghost.

Soooo, to sum it up, Quinton found a half eaten sucker on the toy room floor and shoved it in his mouth without spot checking for bugs. They crawled in his mouth, be it one or a dozen. Poor thing was grossed out big time, but we had no idea! …He’s still willing to plop candy he finds on the floor, under a cushion or where ever in his mouth. He’s a bit hard headed. Hopefully we’ll get the ants under control for the sake of his tummy!


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