day: [27] of 365

Quinton has found a pinwheel!

So, after finding out that I should be on post 32 I’ve decided to add as many things per day as I can to get caught up. I have quite a few pictures to choose from, many are easter related. And I think its fair. Yes, its only one day. But it was very eventful for my family and we celebrated it and its arrival for at least 2 days.

At Gramma’s house the boys and their cousins ran all over the backyard collecting goodies as fast as they could. And the competition was big! There are a lot of grandkids. But Gramma had the brilliant idea to not even fuss with plastic eggs … she just scattered the loot out in the open. My kids are pickers and choosers — which led to less “stuff” but more of what they really wanted. Except play-doh, apparently that was in high demand and they only made it outta there with a couple tubs. Which was perfectly ok with Daddy and I!


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