day: [41] of 365

So my oldest and his buddies have found this bike trail behind our house. Due to the rain we’ve had lately there is a little pond or creek running through it. They have decided to build a bridge so they don’t have to go all the way around it. -Brilliant. And there is so conveniently located a dumping ground of stones right beside it! As hard as they try their little 3rd and 5th grade muscles can only get the job done so fast. Last night my hubby volunteered to help them. So we grabbed the little guys and headed down the nature trail, off the beaten path to their bike trail. Its great. There are some big dirt hills – BIG dirt hills. It looks like a lot of fun and I’m proud of him for being such an active little boy. He loves video games, don’t get me wrong. But he runs in a marathon club, rides his bike to/from school everyday with his friends, skateboards and bikes for fun.

This is a shot at their bike trail. Not of the bike trail (obviously) but of a pretty reflection that caught my eye.


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