day: [57] of 365

What is this thing? Is it some sort of growth on my tree? Or some gigantic pollen spore? Well, we kind of decided amongst ourselves that its some kind of egg/cocoon thingy.

My middle son (yeah, mr speckled eyes) is very good at paying attention to details. He was playing in the yard and noticed this on a leaf and took it to Daddy. He brought it in for me to see. We had no idea what it was but we thought it was pretty cool. Then a minute later our son exclaims that he’s found more and more. Next they found a stray caterpillar and then some fuzzy smaller versions of this thing. I think we have various stages of life growing on our tree! The boys are very excited by it, I’m hoping that its not secretly killing our tree…

Nonetheless, it made for great subject matter for a photo!


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