oi, a week behind…

so i am a girl filled with the very best of intentions.

the days slip away too quickly ~ and i have been neglecting something very important to me to try to keep up with this project — sleep. the lack of sleep has been catching up with me so i’m trying to work a little more of it into my life. being that this project is so fun and also ranks pretty high on the list i WILL get caught up. and i’ve been taking pictures. but i like to doctor them up sometimes, which just adds another step to the process.

long story short, please check on the site in a day or two — i hope to be back on track by then!


2 thoughts on “oi, a week behind…

  1. Aw, we all get busy sometimes. Even those of us who don’t have kids! I do the same thing with my vlog sometimes. I mean to do one once a week but it doesn’t always happen.

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