day: [61] of 365

Climbing trees is so much fun. Remy has finally discovered it in the past couple months. Which means that he is experienced enough to think that he can climb up and up til the branches lean over. But not experienced enough to get himself all the way down. He really only gets stuck on the lower few branches though … so thats good — no ladders have been needed yet!

I always thought that I could climb trees pretty well. I remember my favorite tree and the highest I could get in it. -Which if you asked me at the time was all the way to the top. But in hindsight, it was like two-thirds of the way up. I could see so far up there. And my favorite branch was forked so it made a perfect seat. It was a maple tree. My parents have since cut it down, I think it grew ill ~ however trees do.

I hope the boys find a favorite tree in our yard. I’m sure they will, I’m just curious which one it will be…

One thought on “day: [61] of 365

  1. This reminds me of when I was leaving Montana to go to art school. I was trying to recapture my youth by climbing a tree & I got so grossed out by how dirty it was! Then this huge bug buzzed by my head and freaked me out so bad I was down that tree in 2 seconds. I kept thinking, “I used to be fearless! What the hell happened?”

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