day: [64] of 365

Pixi is outside enjoying the warm patio. She is soon to be a mama cat. Oh boy … kittens. I don’t even know what to do with kittens! We knew this would happen, we’re not naive. Lazy, yes. But it will be cute and fun to have a litter or two of kittens. The boys will like it too.

So I did some research about pregnant cats and births and kittens. Eeek! I hope her animal instincts kick in quick because I do not want to snip kitty umbilical cords. I am waaaaaaay to squeemish for that! I’m sure she’ll do fine, I really am. But my husband laughed at me for “mommy-ing”. He asked if these were gonna be my kittens or her’s.

…well… her’s of course! 😉


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