day: [82] of 365

I like machinery. And great big over-sized bolts and screws.

There is a highway being built — I should say recreated. The old highway will still be there in its same old form. But to the east they are laying a new highway that has two lanes in each direction. And its really nice and will speed up our commute to and from my mother-in-law’s, which is handy. But … with the economy the way it is, and schools in our state closing and what-not, my husband and I are wondering why the state’s funding is being squandered away like it is. I mean, the old highway is fine. They could have simply added a two land highway instead of two of them. That way the southbound side would be the old highway and the northbound lane would be the new. They would still accomplish the goal of increasing safety and speed and – *gasp!* – they just might save a few million dollars along the way.

But what do I know, I only run a household budget. I do rational things like … living within my means.

Ok, enough ranting. Driving on that smooth quiet highway is kinda bliss!


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