day: [98] of 365

I’ve been fortunate enough to have flowers blooming since the beginning of spring. It must be going on 2 months, and I just love it. As I was gathering the dead flowers out of the bouquet on the table I decided this one was too pretty to toss out just yet. Its almost dried out and the shape of it looks like its still fresh. Almost paper like.

Tonight was great. I made Indian food for supper and I was so nervous. The boys aren’t big on experimenting with their food. So I told them before they started eating that dinner would taste very different tonight, but to give it a chance. And they LOVED it! Now, I’ll admit the sauce was straight from the jar so its sort of like saying: Eureka! I made Italian, when all you do is open a jar of Ragu… but still. They were so open minded, I’m proud of them. I can take some credit for the rice & flat bread. I made basmati rice with savory spices — I used cinnamon, cloves, and cumin. And I added sauted onions and peppers. All in all, the sauce didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but I’m comparing it to the best Indian restaurant in town so that’s not too fair. I’ll continue to expose my husband and kids to new foods but I’ll look for some recipes instead of convenience food. Its just a whole new wave of spices to learn! …I’m looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “day: [98] of 365

    • I’m really not sure what kind of lily it is, I’ll post pics of the undead kind!
      Yes, I want to get back into posting more food pictures … I thought about taking a picture of the rice but by then I was already eating! 🙂

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