post [109] of 365

Wow, this picture makes my stomach churn. I am crazy-allergic to poison ivy! And I’d say that if the plant is giving itself a rash that its beyond “poisonous” … I’m calling this “toxic ivy”. And it makes me shutter. (But I just had to get a picture!) My husband thinks I’m self destructive when it comes to this stuff. Its my kryptonite, my nemesis. I think that’s why I have this overwhelming urge to overcome my allergy and defeat this creeper vine.

I’ve tried washing the oils off with different types of soaps. …no luck. Last year I had it so bad that it looked like my arms had been lashed. But its because I’d been in the garden pulling on the mother vine. I figured that dish soap breaks down oils, so it would remove the oils from my skin – I came right in and washed my hands and arms. Yeah, that was a terrible idea. I think I just smeared the oils all over and rubbed them in even harder. If you’ve never had a deep rash in the palm of your hands consider yourself lucky. Its a nightmare.

Anyway… I won’t be pulling out poison ivy by hand this year.

Because I bought gloves! 😉


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