post [114] of 365

Well, it rained on the fourth this year. We celebrated at home the day before & after. On the fourth we went to a friend’s place for a BBQ and some fireworks, but mostly we were rained out. It was fun anyway.

Quinton got to light a couple things this year and sparklers were one of them. Remy’s arm is sneaking into this picture … the boys learned they could light a new sparkler using an already lit one!

They would love it if they could light fireworks everyday, once a year is just not enough for them. (I’m glad its once a year, they are just a little too brave with those things!)

I added a filter and dinked around with the color on this shot.


One thought on “post [114] of 365

  1. Billy got a really bad burn from a sparkler (what I always considered one of the safest fireworks) this year. Only my husband!

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