post [119] of 365

So, I’ve never made a Black Forest Cake before. But its something I used to eat as a kid and I wanted to make one for my dad’s Father’s Day gift. So I hunted online for something that sounded similar to the one from childhood. I found a recipe that I could do and it would qualify as semi-homemade! Easy enough so I could spend more attention on the presentation than the baking.

All said and done, I learned a thing or two about stacking layers of cake and spreading frosting without getting cake crumbs mixed in. But all in all, the cake tasted delicious and I think it came out really pretty too. My loving husband put it in his “top 3 best cakes ever” category! And according to him, he’s tried a lot of cakes!

Most importantly, my dad was surprised and very very happy with it. He said it’d been 15 years since he had had one. Exaggeration or not, he loved it! And I’m proud of it!

Here he is digging in…


3 thoughts on “post [119] of 365

  1. I don’t even want to talk about that cake. I gained 5 pounds that I’m trying to lose and you’re a vicious temptress!!!

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