Post [126] of 365

I like the glow of this photo. I’m running low on time today or else I’d do some editing to it. But that’s ok, I’m really happy with the way it is, straight from the camera. …storms leaving the sky near sunset…


4 thoughts on “Post [126] of 365

  1. Thanks for stopping by last week! I wish you all the best in your self project. I’m only on day 21 and love every second of it. I really like your work and perspective. I will be keeping an eye on your project.

    • Thanks! I like your pictures too, they’re very vibrant and upbeat. This is a fun project and has brought more challenge than i thought it would ~ but thats ok, it translates to growth!
      I have a tendency to fall behind, so i’m simply aiming to have 365 posts after a year, not necessarily to post every day. I figure i’ll end up with the same results! 🙂
      Thanks for looking at my photos! Enjoy your 365!

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