post [127] of 365

There is an adorable little farm in the middle of the East side of town. There is a horse or two, dogs, a garden, and these lovely big sunflowers. I grew up near this farm and always fed the horses apples or carrots. When I was little my aunt (whom married into this town-farm family) and my cousin came over in a horse drawn buggy to take me for a ride. I don’t have much memory of the ride, I just have a photo of me sitting in the buggy with my family.

Anyway, this summer I’ve been driving past this farm on my way to work. One drip-droppy afternoon on my way home I happened to have my camera with me so I stopped to get a shot of the sunflowers… I want to get more pictures once the centers turn dark brown.


3 thoughts on “post [127] of 365

  1. Sunflowers are such cool flowers. Good composition. Did you do any post processing? You may want to add some contrast to make it pop a little.

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