post [131] of 365

I made Apricot Chicken for supper the other day. I got the recipe from Simply Recipes. I like just about everything I’ve tried on there. Then I had a great recipe for Basmati Rice to pair it with. I’ll post recipes for the whole meal soon. I think next time I make it, because yes it was a hit, I’ll add some snow peas and maybe bamboo shoots. Or some chives. But it was really good! And I couldn’t wait to have some for lunch the next day! But wow, I was so tired and after I got the boys to bed and we let the dogs out and back in and turned everything off I just went straight up to bed and passed out! Came into the kitchen the next morning … and there sat my lunch. In the pan. On the stove. Waaaaaa 😥  I had a corndog instead. Such a let down. *Note to self: don’t ever do that again. Ever.

2 thoughts on “post [131] of 365

  1. Hey, I eat stuff that’s been sitting out all night all the time and I’m still alive! I’m kind of white trash though, so my system’s probably used to it 😉

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