post [140] of 365

Another lily pad from my m-i-l’s house. Its too bad you can’t just grow these in the yard. I don’t want a pond, nor do I have a place for one. But these flowers are so pretty. Again, I’ll just enjoy the fruits of her labors I suppose. I mean, her landscaping really provides a lot of good photo opps!

I’m trying out some borders. I’m not really happy with the way this one turned out. Its not too bad, its just not what I had in my head. Well shucks, guess I’ll just have to keep making more to try out what I’m envisioning.


2 thoughts on “post [140] of 365

  1. Beautiful capture of the lily. I think the photo would be even better if you cropped it more tightly. The border used here detracts from the lily. I’d eliminate it altogether and just focus on the beauty of the flower. It’s strong enough to hold its own.

    • Thanks for the input! I think I’m agreeing with you … the border just didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Anyway, who am I to compete with mother nature! 😉 She’s got photoshop beat any day!

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