post [141] of 365

Anything to keep cool on these hot days! I think I even feel a little cooler just looking at these sprinkles. I remember being a kid, playing out in the sprinkler for as long as my parents would allow it. But I truly believe it wasn’t as hot back then. I mean, kids, they’re resilient and all but its just HOT now! We let the kids play outside with the slip-n-slide or the sprinkler or they’ll make a “water slide” using our slide and the shower end of the hose. At some point though, after a long time, I had to break down and tell them to just turn the water off. I started having guilt ~ clean water shortages, and wildfires, and what-not. Its ok, they’d had quite enough, they just raced around in the backyard for a while in the sun ’til they were dry.

Looks like Q learned how to block the water flow!


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