post [181] of 365

We have this awesome weeping spruce tree in our front yard. I picked it out for my birthday present a couple years ago and its growing really well. It seems like many of the other “evergreen” trees in our neighborhood (or maybe even region?) aren’t doing so hot these days. I have a personal theory that its due to the warming climate. We’ve always bordered on being a 5 or 6 region (according to those garden maps) but as I see so many evergreen trees and bushes turn brown and get rigid I have to think its a trend. I think the good ol midwest is getting too warm for them to thrive. …Time will tell I suppose. I hope this one continues to grow. I love the way it looks like a Dr Suess tree, it leans in curious ways and has “clumps” of branches and it looks soft to the touch.

I took this picture after a rain and you can see water drops on the (I don’t know what those green things are called…) sprigs.

4 thoughts on “post [181] of 365

  1. I think you just call them needles? Our evergreens get dead branches sometimes in the summer, but over all they do really well. I think your theory’s right.

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