post [183] of 365

We have this obnoxious vine that grows over our evergreens. I mean, its pretty but it would really take over if we’d let it! The leaves are a long V shape. I usually pull them up. But, I’ve been slackin’ on yard maintenance and weeds are taking over! The upside is that it blooms these really pretty blue flowers in the mornings. …Morning Glory? I’m not sure, but I like em!

I curved this to push the shadows back a little and made the blue more vibrant so the flower would pop. I also added a gradient to get a soft vignette around the edges.


4 thoughts on “post [183] of 365

  1. Weeds that bloom pretty flowers are the worst. I love the little white flowers that grow on the vines through the grass, but Billy says they get wrapped up in the mower 😦

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