post [184] of 365

So I’ve started playing with the manual settings on my camera. I don’t take a very “scientific” approach to photography. I just snap pictures with random settings until I get the effect that I want. I can see the pattern and adjust accordingly, but I couldn’t tell ya that certain f-stops or shutter speeds get me what I want. When I have tried that, I end up getting too caught up in the numbers and lose my shot. My creativity is squashed when I try to get technical.

Sunsets are always made a little more special when the clouds cut through the sunrays.

I did a minor curve just to separate those sunrays from the cobalt blue sky.

9 thoughts on “post [184] of 365

  1. This photo is incredible. It’s so robust and rich and unique. I’m always in awe of people who know how to be artistic behind a camera. I usually consider myself to have done well if I haven’t cut off a portion of someone’s head.

    Thanks for stopping by 36×37 on Thursday. Very cool site you have here. Happy blogging!

    • Thank you! I kind of resorted to manual for this one, the auto setting was making the photo too washed out. I wanted to capture the strong contrast that I was seeing with my eyes…
      Good idea to practice with simpler objects, better than waiting until I need it and then I’m stuck not really knowing what settings to use!

  2. This is so pretty! I know what you mean about the technical stuff. I think you’ll figure it out and get used to it, though. You’ve always been a really fast learner.

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