post [191] of 365

We had a yard sale to get rid of all kinds of goodies. Here is an antique singer sewing machine. Apparently its been in my family for a bit … my aunt had it then gave it to my mom. My mom had it in a closet for 20+ years! She insisted to me over and over that it works, it works. I guess my grandpa had it converted to an electric sewing machine a long time ago and put it in this stand. I never intended on actually using it, seems like more trouble than its worth. I just had this feeling of guilt to keep it. Forever. So while we were prepping different things for the yard sale, my husband asked me what I was ever going to even do with this thing. I had no idea. Its pretty. But its not like I wanted to set it up in the living room or anything. And like I said, I wasn’t going to literally sew with it. So, there it was. Nothing. I wasn’t going to do a damn thing with it. It was just going to sit in our garage for 20+ years, and I don’t even have a daughter to pawn it off on! So out to the driveway it went. And it sold, to this cute little old lady. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on it! She asked for some pliers, she was ready to start fixing it up right then and there. It made me happy that its going to get some attention now. And I feel a little burden off my shoulders, as its not sitting in our garage collecting dust.


2 thoughts on “post [191] of 365

  1. We’ve had the same problem here. It’s so hard to let go of stuff that seems so valuable–even if it’s just sentimental value. So there it sits, collecting dust!

    • YES! Its driving us nuts! I’ve been reading a lot about minimalism (I have a few links to some awesome blogs on the subject in the ‘lifestyle’ category over there) and its so inspiring! But when I was faced with it, it was really hard! So I just started taking pictures of the things and I felt better about letting them go. Because I wouldn’t do more than just look at them anyway!

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