post [198] of 365

These things look like the fall version of those fluffy dandelions. I’m pretty sure they are the remains of thistles and they are all over the field behind our house.

The boys have been building a ‘fort’ back there along with the neighborhood troop of their friends. Unfortunately there is a rival group of girls. They are bad… they push the boys’ buttons and then try to get them in trouble when they stand up for themselves. Now, not that the boys are truly innocent but they sure don’t go look for trouble. Last night they were pretty upset because these girls knocked down their fort and left it in shambles. They had the ‘frame’ of it done and they were making it out of this bamboo growing back there. It was really something, I took some pictures of the early stages but not the latest. Well I overheard the six year old say the most mature thing while everyone else was mad and talking about revenge. He just told them to forget about it and build one that’s even better. Considering he’s one of the younger, quiet ones in the group I was really proud of him for speaking up and leading them to be better than those crummy girls and not stoop down to their level! I’ll have to tell his mom what a good little guy she’s raising!


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