[213] of 365

Ok, I’m finally back. I’ve lost a little gumption the last couple of weeks. But I’ve been taking pictures and baking in the mean time. Maybe I’m just busy soaking up my favorite season, maybe I’ve just been plain busy. Either way, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

I’m going to try a bit of a new style of posting. Since I have a new theme I’ve decided to start centering my photo above my text — it was too skinny trying to keep my photos to the left. Didn’t leave a lot of room to type. Then, my photo looked too small centered, so I’m going to post them larger. I like this better, we’ll see how it goes.

We’re starting to prep for Halloween, one of my family’s favorite holidays. Still not totally sure what the hooligans are going to dress up as… But we have pumpkins and decorations up and it looks great!

I did some PP to this photo but its still natural-ish, just embellished on what was already there. Check back soon, I have to make up for lost time, so there should be lots of new photos coming…


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