[235] of 365

When I took this photo I thought those jeans were overalls — which was more perfect. But they’re just plain jeans. Still a good photo, I was just imagining the little old farmer who would put his overalls on to go milk the cows and dink around with the old tractor and plant rows of corn… Ha! Its probably a young farmhand and the farm is probably digitally enhanced one way or another… I’d love to have a clothesline in my back – no, side yard. I think my husband finds them tacky so I’ll probably not be getting one any time soon. But I want that freshness that a tosser sheet just can’t compete with. Not to mention how “green” I would be if I used one!

I did a lot of work to this photo. There were cars in the background that had to be removed as well as some gas line thing and I aged the photo.


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