[237] of 365: Beef ‘n Noodles

I found out its hard to sauté veggies and snap pictures at the same time — I’m too right-handed for that! Ha! I love it when the seasons change because aside from the visual changes and the temperatures, my palate changes too! I can’t get enough casseroles, soups, gravies…. I made beef ‘n noodles, which is sort of like a homemade hamburger helper. I should just tell the boys that’s what it is, because they’d probably eat it better that way!

Once I had the vegetables done (I used onions, a mixture of green, red, and yellow peppers, mushrooms, and garlic) I put them in a bowl to wait for the burger to get done. This way I only use one pan! While the burger browns I boil the water for the macaroni noodles though. Dump the veggies back in with the burger and add water and beef bouillon cubes. When they are all dissolved add some cornstarch (premixed with water) until its thick-ish. Dump the al dente noodles in and Voila! Homemade Hamburger Helper …. so much less sodium and with real veggies?! Much much better! Serve it with simple bread and butter. Easy, yummy comfort food!

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