[272] of 365

So I have some posts to make up for. I should be posting 312, not 272. But the way I see it, I still have 2 months to make up for lost time before my deadline rolls around. And who doesn’t work better under pressure anyway! Tonight we had these pork & pineapple tacos. Inspired by a dish my sister-in-law had in her restaurant. I saw it on the menu and thought, no way, that sounds sick! But she insisted that they were amazing. When I was finally talked into getting one (why do I resist flavors so often?!) I couldn’t believe I had been so stubborn ~ I felt like Sam-I-Am! …I do like them, and I will eat them in a house and I will eat them with a mouse!

Anyway, here is a link to the recipe … Leave me a comment after you try em!

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