[290] of 365

Oh boy, she’s desperate for a post.

Why did she take a picture of her sink?

This is lame…

…NO! Wait! Read this. I’m not just being lame.

Its the flylady. I have been reading her emails for a few weeks months now and starting routines (and dropping them). But the thing I keep doing over and over again is shining my sink. I flutter, I fall, and then I flutter again. Then I start over and shine my sink. I’m having a hard time “getting dressed to shoes”, which is a real bummer because that’s around day 4 2. So I’m not too sure what day 5 has in store for me. I’ll get there eventually, one babystep at a time…

Plus, look at the cute *sparkles* I added to the picture, really enhances the shine, huh!


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