[291] of 365 Family Dinner

I truly believe in family dinners. Tonight we had a good one: pork & apples, baked sweet & russet potato “fries”, broccoli salad, and garlic toast. Everything was delicious and everyone was in a good mood and well behaved. Well, except for when number 2 was goofin’ off and knocked my plate around with his head. I only spilled a couple fries. And when number 3 decided all he was having was the fries. But he did say the “orange” ones were his favorite! So that’s a win! Number 2 helped make the broccoli salad … he even got to help cut up the broccoli. Which is a big step because it took a real knife, not just a butter – or even paring knife. I was on edge and he was on cloud nine! But he did good. He also stirred up the dressing and then stirred up the salad. Here are more details on the dishes…

Broccoli salad ~ recipe from my mother in law. Which really says a lot for a broccoli dish. She hates “rabbit food” as she calls any sort of vegetable. So I was totally surprised to see this at a family dinner one Sunday. But its creamy and crunchy and has bacon, so who wouldn’t like it?! It calls for fresh broccoli, sunflower seeds, bacon crumbled, water chestnuts (which i didn’t have tonight), optional raisins, and a dressing made of mayo, vinegar, pinch of sugar, salt and pepper. Simply and yummy!

Fries ~ russet potatoes were coated with a mixture of olive oil, parsley, garlic powder, onion powder, Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. The sweet potatoes were coated in olive oil, lime juice, salt and a little cinnamon. I laid them out in a cookie sheet and baked at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes, flipping them over halfway through. But they weren’t getting crispy enough for me so I broiled them about 5 or 10 minutes more.

Pork ~ sauted in a saucepan with diced onions and Granny Smith apples.

Garlic toast ~ I used the last of the loaf of no knead bread. I made some quick garlic butter and sliced the bread. After coating each slice with the butter I broiled it too.

I hope these family dinners really make a positive impact on the boys’ lives. And my husband too. I really enjoy them. Even on nights when all we have is frozen pizza.

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