[295] of 365

Oh wow, my computer is freaking me out. So stinkin’ slow tonight.

We watched a movie with the kids tonight and bought some new clothes for the two big guys. They’re going to be in a wedding tomorrow. And they’re gonna look sooooo handsome! Our youngest scored some pjs ~ Batman and Superman. Number 2 was jealous, he had to get these clothes that he didn’t even want and little brother gets new dress up clothes?! So we told him he could get some too if he wanted to use his own money. Being that he has zero concept of the worth of a dollar, he was down. He even looked around and found a Batman costume [pajama set] with a cape and this sketchy drawing of muscles on the shirt. Pretty good score for a mere $13 investment!

So in this picture is …. you guessed it! Snow. A whole lot of snow. Plus some footprints. And I antiqued the colors a little but messed around trying to add some texture and never like the results I was getting so I ditched that plan. The color shift worked out well and then I sharpened it a bit.



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