[305] of 365

Ran across this sign and thought it was cute.

I was browsing recipes online today and realized how many Valentines Day things are showing up. I think this year I want to do something beautiful and classy with chocolate for my family. Given, the boys won’t really appreciate the beauty of the chocolate curls or the delicacy of the piped chocolate hearts. I want to do it because I love em (and because I’ve never tried making those things before! …have you seen it when those pastry chefs squeeze out things with their frosting bags onto parchment paper, then it dries and you have these sculptural drawings you can stick on top of a cupcake?! That’s so pretty, I have to make some!) We’ll see how it goes, the last time I tried melting milk chocolate I completely scalded it. Kind of ruins the vision I’m having with Valentines day. But that won’t keep me down. I probably heated it up too quickly. I’ll actually read the directions this time! And…take pictures of my progress and finished project.

I’m off to dream up my Valentines Vision of curly chocolates and moist cake…or cupcakes…or cheesecake…


2 thoughts on “[305] of 365

  1. It is one of those holidays that seems to show up outta nowhere! I thought I might try to get a jump on it this year…
    Thanks! I think it’ll be fun. Oh well, if it turns out badly I can always get one of those heart shaped boxes!

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