[312] of 365

Homemade pizza! Well, I used a refrigerator dough — but I tried out that toss it in the air thing, so I feel like I practically made it. Anyway, this is my copycat trial of BTO pizza from a shop here in town (Pizza Shuttle for you locals). Bacon-Tomato-Onion. YUM. I also added some mushrooms. For the sauce I mixed up equal parts of mayo and cream cheese and then sprinkled mozzarella over the sauce. It made my heart cry and my mouth cheer! This was the “grown ups” dinner.  I made a second one for the kids, well Remy did. He topped the kids pizza with pepperoni, ham and pineapple. My aunt introduced us to this delicious concept and I admit, we were skeptical. I wasn’t so sure about the tomato slices, but they are perfect. One time my hubby and I had date night and we decided to order in — we each got our own BTO pizza and chowed down! We will be having this again for sure. I want to try out adding artichokes, black olives, chicken maybe…there are lots of possibilities!


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