[313] of 365

Hey…have you heard?

Its snowing.

Being that its winter and all, its really not that surprising. And living in the midwest, snow shouldn’t really come as such a surprise to so many folks. But somehow it has. The news and weather stations are going nuts … the storm is actually getting various names. The (super obnoxious) weather chick has dubbed it “the beast” and a couple local radio stations were having contests to name the storm. Its cute and I love a good play on words. But after hearing so many people do it really plays out the idea too quickly. I’m pretty sure that social media and hash tags are to blame.

But low and behold, I take pictures of nature. So, here’s the nature in my neck of the woods today. I can’t really tell you how many inches we got. Because I can still see the grass. But since the wind was blowing like 50 mph today we have these 4 foot drifts in the middle of our driveway and along the edges of houses and fences. Our back door was even stuck shut. But the good news is that now its already February so spring is but a month and a half away!

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