[355] of 365

Ok. Last phone picture. Thanks for hangin’ in there with me…

So last week we got this crazy terrible ice storm. We’ve had a lot of snow this year. And that’s fine and dandy. But ice? …ugh! And it just froze the streets so quickly. We were headed downtown to set up my husband’s art in the gallery opening and we were only there for less than a half hour. Well, by the time we headed back across town there were cars stranded on the slightest of inclines. The streets were like obstacle courses. It was the worst driving condition I’ve ever been in! At one point my husband said, you’re gonna have to drive, hop over to the drivers seat and don’t let the car stop. Shaking, I hopped over and he hopped out. He pushed the car right there in the middle of traffic. We couldn’t get traction! Thank God! Or else we’d have been needing a tow truck or walking home or something. He’s a quick thinker like that, I’m so thankful! We eventually made it home. The typical 10 minute commute took nearly an hour. Then it all melted by about 2:00 o’clock the next day. Oh, Kansas!

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