[357] of 365

Here is my tribute to the late, great Dr Seuss! The little guys were Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween this year. It was a total hit! They loved getting their hair sprayed blue and the neighbors were charmed. The costumes were so easy to make. (But red pants are surprisingly hard to find for a boy — shhh, Remy’s are from the girl dept. Quinton’s were some big brother’s hand-me-downs.) I got two long sleeved red shirts at WalMart for about $9 each. Then I bought a couple squares of felt, traced out a large circle with a dinner plate and wrote on them with a Sharpie. We sprayed their hair with hairspray then blue hair spray. It was gunky, but crazy and blue. Mission accomplished. I also got them fuzzy red gloves at the dollar store. Halloween gets so cold! They were pleased to have warm costumes. We layered long johns under the costumes so they wouldn’t need to wear their coats. Big brother wanted to be a zombie this year. Too bad I couldn’t talk him into being the cat in the hat…he’s just too cool for that! -shucks. 😉

Picture from the book for reference!

I think they had a striking resemblance to the real Things!

The square of felt all drawn out. -Freehand, by the way!

After I cut out the felt I did a quick running stitch onto the shirts. Voila! Costumes done.

The final product!


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