[365] of 365: FINAL POST!

After much thought about what my last post should be I decided that I needed to make one more antique postcard style photo. That’s my favorite technique that I’ve picked up over the past year. And what better subject matter than my antique bicycle! Its an old Western Flyer ~ Cosmo, or something to that effect. Its got stars on the chain sprocket thingy. I wish I knew what year it was from but my google searches have left me empty handed. The seat and tires are new, but I think the rest is its original state.

The boys and I went on a bike ride tonight. Daddy joined us for most of it. But it turned out to be more of a walk while sitting on our bikes! Quinton just doesn’t quite get it yet. Remy does…he is fast!

Well this year has gone by pretty quickly in hindsight. I’m glad I did a 365 project. I don’t plan on doing another one, at least for a while. I am looking forward to spending more time on other projects like knitting — my scarf is about 15 inches long so far! I’ve been reading more lately ~ I’m about 80 pages into the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And I plan on getting back into watercolor painting and hopefully charcoals too. Those are my favorite mediums. What about the blog? Oh, I’ll still be on here too! But now I can focus on quality over quantity. And I plan on posting at least weekly. I’m really proud of myself for finishing this. After being behind so often it would have been easy to just quit. Especially because I’m not really the finish-what-you-start-type. 😐 So that makes this even sweeter.

Thanks for tuning in for my journey and I look forward to many more posts…..


4 thoughts on “[365] of 365: FINAL POST!

  1. Love the look of this shot, care to share how you did it? Also love the bike, I have one of similar vintage. Have you checked under the cranks (where the pedals attach to the bike) sometimes there is a date there

  2. Oh, thanks for the tip, I’ll check there!
    I did a lot of layering here. I used a grungy texture and changed it to mostly browns, layered that over the bike shot as an overlay (I use Gimp). Then I played with the curves until I liked the colors ~ somewhat of a cross-process effect.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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