Cinnamon Rolls {a quickie post}

So I made these amazing (UH-MAY-ZING!) cinnamon rolls the other day. I am still intimidated by yeast recipes but after this one, I’ll be gaining confidence pretty quickly. I have every intention of posting a real recipe … I even have step by step pictures! But tonight its late. And I’m sleepy. So I’m posting a short cut and if you are into trying these you can still read it and try it. Let me know if you do, I’d love some feedback!

There’s the recipe. I already know a few things I’ll tweak about it…but that will be in the real recipe post! 😉

Here’s a picture of what to expect. From the first time they were plopped onto the pan, to the after-rising, to the after-baking (oooooh, look how f’ing big these are!), to the iced yummy goodness. Just look at these things. How could you resist?!


4 stages of the cinnamon roll's life cycle

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