Soup & Cornbread

A five leaf clover! This is why I love gardening … being down close enough to the ground and putting my focus that low, I always seem to find at least one four leaf clover each season. But I’ve only ever found a five leaf clover one other time. Now two.

My birthday was last week. Ahhh….another year wiser. I love it.

While we were at a friend’s house for an early bday dinner we were talkin’ flea market finds. She showed me some blue themed mugs she’d found and a thought jumped in my head. I told her how I’d been perusing the antique shop downtown and how hard of a time I’ve had finding the right dishes for staging food pictures. I wanted simple, white (or cream), and enough of a variety to stack, but not an entire set. All I kept running across were only available in a set of 4 or more.

So what’dya know! She came over the very next day with a plate. Square. White. Perfect.

Then I saw her a few days later and she’d come up with two bowls, a small plate and a large plate. White. Simple. Another win.

Now I needed to decide what to make to utilize my new toys.

I had leftover chicken parts. I slow cooked a whole chicken the other day and needed to finish up the meat! And I wanted soup because cornbread sounded real good!

I found a recipe that I read over and made some changes based on what I had in the cupboard.

Check out my recipe here. Mmmm… Look at that picture. Make it soon and let me know how you like it or what you changed about it to make it your own!

Oh check out my spoon ~ that’s another flea market find! Its the cutest mini ladle.

Shout out to Whitney for her awesome finds. They seem pretty photogenic at their debut! 😉


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