Family Dinner :: Toothpick Platter

The other night for dinner I wanted to make something that would be satisfying to my husband and myself and fun for our kids. I kept thinking about this smoked sausage my friend’s husband served as an appetizer at their daughter’s birthday party and the way they served it in chunks with brown mustard. I thought that could be the base for a good-time-dinner. Not much to fuss over and we could pair it with fun party sides. I made a big plate of broiled sausage, a plate of fruit — grapes and apple chunks, and a plate of cheese chunks. For each person I made a small plate with toasted pita triangles and toothpicks on it. We had brown mustard and honey for dipping.

Appetizers for dinner was a huge hit!

The boys had a lot of fun making their own plates and filling their little toothpick skewers with bite-sized foods. Next I’ll be sure to add a couple veggies. 😉

…and yes, shirts are optional at the dinner table. HaHaHa


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