Meal Plan::Aug 28

Getting this one published a couple days late, but you know…sometimes life just happens that way. Funny thing, I got my lists made and shopping done and then I realized – I had signed up for a charity lunch this Wednesday and completely spaced out when I was planning my menu. So I’m going to have to squeeze in another supper: Chicken Burritos! I’ll double up the ingredients so we can have dinner on Tuesday + enough left to make for the lunch on Wednesday.

If you missed it last time, you can find out the method behind my madness over on this page.

Now, the menu:

Italian-Roast Sandwiches; pan fried potatoes; cottage cheese
– Shepard’s Pie w/ Chocolate Shakes
– Tomato-Pepper-Sausage Pitas; Mac ‘n Cheese
– Spaghetti; Green Beans; Garlic Toast
Turkey Tenderloin
– Slow Cooked; Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy; Corn Cakes
– BBQ Sandwiches; Autumn Salad; Tator Tots
– Hot Dogs; Chips; S’mores (over fire in the backyard)
– corndog
– ham & cheese pinwheels
– ham & cheese & crackers
– chicken noodle soup
– sides: carrots & ranch; applesauce; cottage cheese; pears; dried fruit
– bagels & cream cheese
– waffles
– cereal
peanut butter banana bread
– fruit
– brownies
– chips ‘n salsa
– bugles
– trail mix / popcorn
Here’s a pretty lil somethin’ til next time…

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