Painting Spices

A while back my husband made a spice rack for me. Its one of my favorite kitchen accessories. Its made my herbs and spices so much more accessible! But I never favored the way it looked because all my spices were in these plastic mismatch bottles that they come in from the store.

One day I was cleaning out a closet and came across an old spice rack – one of those round ones that swivels around. I’m pretty sure we got it as a wedding gift or one of those early on Christmas presents when the family was giving us household goods. Whatever, anyway this thing had been sitting for years. With grody old powders in it.

I trashed all of the contents, scrubbed em out and threw away the swivelly old stand. I thought this would be perfect to transfer all of my spices into and it would look so uniform. But how could I tell apart garlic powder from onion powder without giving everything a sniff test while cooking?!

A-ha! Get crafty. So I got out acrylic paints and I painted a dark brown swoosh across each bottle with a piece of a scrubby pad. (Like the green ones you wash your dishes with.) Let that dry and painted the name on each bottle.

It turned out pretty great, take a look:

Its so colorful now! And I can tell which ones I’m running low on.


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