Meal Plan::September 19

I’m already about half way through this meal list. Ha, oh well. The good news is that I’m keeping up with the planning, shopping, and cooking. Well, the cooking most days 😉 We have a few built in nights of breakfast burritos and ham and cheese quesadillas. But we have all the supplies in the fridge/pantry because the shopping has been done. Anyway… here is the latest list:

– Mushroom Cheese Burgers, tots
– Crunchy tacos
Smoked Sausage
– jambalaya, corn bread
– toothpick supper (broiled sausage, grapes, cheese cubes, carrots, peppers, pita bread)
Chicken Legs
– baked chicken, broccoli salad, Mediterranean pasta salad
– (leftovers for jambalaya) 😉
Pork Roast
tacos al pastor, chips & salsa
– pork & pepper stir fry, lo mein noodles, egg drop soup
BLT salad; egg sandwiches
– froz pizzas; fruit
quiche; french toast
– leftovers (me)
– tortilla chips, taco dip; melon; cottage cheese
– chicken noodle soup; grapes; saltine crackers, string cheese
– chicken salad w/ grapes, wheat bread; tortilla chips, salsa; carrots
– deli meat sandwich; pasta salad; apple slices
– –pick a school lunch–
– waffles with pb, fruit smoothies
– cereal with blueberries
– english muffin – egg – ham – cheese sandwiches, fruit
– oatmeal, fruit smoothies
Snacks / Desserts
– popcorn
– apples / grapes / pears
– trail mix
– banana or apple bread
– cheese, ham & crackers
– brownies
– snickerdoodles
Here is a pretty little monarch butterfly. They are all over the place at my house right now. We’ve seen the caterpillars everywhere, but we never seem to find the chrysalis hiding in the bushes or anything. This little guy had just hatched (or whatever it is they do!) and was stretching its wings. It was fun to watch…
For more info on Meal Planning and the templates click HERE.

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