Sunset Walk on the Beach

A couple weeks ago a friend and I took a photo walk. We went to the lake and found a cool beach with drift wood and rocks and we were there long enough to watch the sun set. Here are a few of the photos I took, it was a lot of fun. We want to go on another outing with the pure intentions of shooting scenery. We hope to find an abandoned barn next time!

driftwood, logs, lake, beach,

mussels, feather, beach, lake

cable, old, abandoned, beach, lake

lake, beach, wood, roots

autumn, flowers, rock, beach

rocks, shore, bird, lake

sunset, boulder, full moon

shore, waves, lake, sunset

gold, fall, water, lake, clouds

water, beach, shore, lake

This weekend I’m going to do a family portrait sitting of some friends and their little boy. I think the area is going to make a nice backdrop for pictures…


One thought on “Sunset Walk on the Beach

  1. I used to do things like that, and it was so much fun. When you stop to take a picture, it enhances your appreciation of everything you see.

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