twinkle twinkle little star

I got a tripod for Valentines Day this year (the hubs really knows the way to this girl’s heart!). I’ve been using it to take a few food pictures but I hadn’t taken it outside for star pictures yet. Until now. It was really windy the other night when I took these. But despite that, I think they came out pretty good. Especially for a first time.

Here is the moon with a couple stars (or planets?):

venus, jupiter, stars, night photography, norther hemisphere, north america sky

Here is a shot of just stars. Lots and lots of stars. Pipe up if you can name some constellations in here. And its worth blowing up, you can see how the stars aren’t still. Each one sort of circles around itself. You can see their little circular paths. I always thought it looked like the stars were moving around when I’d focus on just one for a while, but then again I have crummy eye sight so I thought I was imagining things. But now I have proof! And look how lit up the trees are – it was just from the neighborhood lights. No porch lights were on, but some of my house lights were and so was the street light a few houses away. The camera really picked those up since I had the shutter open for so long!

northern hemisphere, north american sky, milky way, orion, big dipper

And lastly, my favorite shot: Venus and Jupiter!

planets, march 13, northern hemisphere, sky, night photography

Or, at least I’m pretty sure that its Venus and Jupiter – here’s a little article about that.

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