Close Up :: black and white

Here’s a photo of my youngest. I’m experimenting with crisp black and white PP. I got this shot of him playing in our play house in the backyard. I took the picture outside of the playhouse looking in through a window (the boys had piled up some stones in the window frame). I like the POV, I like the focus being on his big dark eyes, and I like his serious face. It was truly in the moment. I was actually sort of chasing him through the windows and the door with my camera and he was full of giggles!

black and white, B&W, sharp focus, kids

We’d been tidying up the yard and I was stacking some lumber. He walked over and stared at the pile in awe. Then he said,

“That looks like a tower. I feel like …..<pause>….. I wanna CLIMB IT!”

It was so sweet. I felt like he didn’t realize he was thinking out loud. I love those moments of childhood – too bad there’s less and less as they get older. I’ll just treasure them while I can still get em!


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