Happiness :: Contest

Its the first week of the month so there’s another Photo Contest on the I Heart Faces website. This month’s theme is “Happiness”.

Photo Challenge Submission

I thought this would be a breeze. Then I started looking through my photos and the ones where my kids are happiest aren’t technically good photos. They’ll have a motion blur or funky lighting. Usually because they are so caught in the moment laughing or wiggling around I’ve been in a rush to capture it.

Then I found this one. We were at the Great Wolf Lodge with our family. My mother-in-law treated her kids and grandkids to a stay at the Lodge for our Christmas gift. It was SO FUN! My kids are always happiest in the water!

Unfortunately I only brought my point ‘n shoot camera since we were at a WATER park. There was no way I’d take my dSLR. All things considered, I feel like its still a good quality photo and the water spout hitting Q’s back had him cracking up! All the kids were happy happy happy! I like the water droplets surrounding him too.

happy, kids, children, water park, great wolf lodge, contest, i heart faces, fun, water droplets, point and shoot

Wish me luck! Its a very very popular contest. Last month my entry was in the 900s and I think it finished out with over 1200 entries! yowza!

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